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Maricopa County Mandatory Reporter FAQs



I read to take the child to a quiet place to ask the 4 questions.  I don't remember reading anything about providing a safe place. 


If possible, find a safe environment (quiet, private place) to talk with the child and ask the 4 questions, while documenting exact quotes from the child.




>  Investigate – it is law enforcement and child protection agencies’ role to investigate

>  Make promises to the child – you do not know for sure if everything will be ok

>  Notify the parent/ caretaker – it is law enforcement and child protection agencies’ role to notify the parent/caretaker
The hours allowed after making an oral report to submit a written report was unclear. 


When reporting to CPS you must:

>  Call: 1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445)

>  Mail or fax the written report to CPS within 72 hours of calling the hotline

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