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Child Abuse Statistics
Statistics Regarding Child Abuse and Neglect in Arizona and the U.S.
Statistics pertaining to child abuse can be difficult to find and may not be 100% accurate, as a large number of child abuse and neglect (CAN) instances go unreported. However, our goal at the Info Center is to keep the most up to date statistics regarding CAN from the most reliable sources.

A large portion of the statistics are about 2 years old, this is because one of the most reliable sources, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF) puts out a yearly report with statistics from the year 2 years prior for all 50 states. Currently, most of the statistics are for 2006, however in April 2009 the ACYF will come out with a report for 2007 numbers.

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National Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics
  • Child Fatalities
  • Maltreatment Types
  • Perpetrators of Abuse
  • Reporting Abuse
  • Victims of Abuse

Arizona Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics
  • Cost of Child Abuse in Arizona for 2007 (available for other states)
  • Southern Arizona statistics
  • Maricopa County statistics
  • Navajo County statistics

Childhelp Program Information and Statistics

  • Childhelp Programs in Arizona
  • Childhelp Program Catalog - including information for all programs throughout the country and ways to get involved
  • General Childhelp services statistics

Research Requests for information regarding states other than Arizona, specific types of abuse, or any other statistics and information you need assistance finding.

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